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I'm Alice Child (she/her), a Somatic Sexologist, Sex Counsellor and Sex Coach. I work with individuals, couples, and groups of all gender identities, helping them achieve happier, healthier and more fulfilled sex lives - whatever that means for them.

Sexual health & disability advocate

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Alice Child - Somatic Sexologist & Sex Counsellor

Alice Child (she/her) is a Somatic Sexologist, Sex Counsellor and Sex Coach, certified with the Australian School of Somatic Sexology. Currently based in Sydney, Australia. 


She believes everyone deserves a happy, healthy, safe and fulfilled sex life, and has a passion for opening up conversations, confronting taboos, and creating inclusive spaces free of judgement. She works with couples, individuals and groups, exploring diverse topics of sexuality, intimacy and pleasure. 


In 2020, she founded Vulva Dialogues to normalise conversations about sex and empower individuals to learn more about their bodies and sexual health.  Vulva Dialogues has brought sex-positive workshops, talks, and events to thousands of people globally, working with companies such as Lover, Lucy Lube, NORMAL and Future of Sex.


Certified Somatic Sex Educator, Institute of Somatic Sexology, 2022

Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sexologist, Institute of Somatic Sexology, 2021

Member of Somatic Sex Educators’ Association of Australasia

Founding Graduate, Future of Sex Sextech School, 2020

Lifeline Crisis Supporter, Australia, 2020

BA English Literature and Language, Nottingham University


It's been a pleasure to work with

University of Technology Syndey
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Vulva Dialogues

Vulva Dialogues was launched in 2020 to remove the taboo and shame surrounding sexual health and empower people - specifically women - to talk more openly about sex.


Developed in the middle of the COVID pandemic, Vulva Dialogues launched with an 8-part online workshop series that connected hundreds of women and female identifying people with leading sex education professionals. The workshops were designed to enable safe, honest, fun and educational conversations on various topics of sex and wellness. 

Building on the success of the first workshop series, Vulva Dialogues continued to grow. The events were opened up to include people of all gender-identities, and run every single week. We have now reached thousands of people globally.

Intrigued? Join our weekly online workshops!

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