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Coaching Testimonials

"I had the
best orgasm of my life after my sessions.
Alice is absolutely brilliant at what she does.
10/10 would recommend."

- Alex,

coaching client

"We came away from 
the sessions with 
our horizons expanded and our connection(s) even stronger. 
Couldn’t recommend 
Alice more!"

- T & M

coaching clients

"Alice is warm, compassionate and open minded.  She has a calming way of approaching sessions which empowered me to feel like I could ask anything. 
This led to major learnings.
 I highly recommend working with Alice”

- Grace,

coaching client

I highly recommend Alice, she is a thoughtful and intuitive practioner.
Her sessions are practical and fun and she creates a safe space for both parties to share.

- J & D,

coaching clients

Working with Alice was a
total pleasure.
She holds the space in such a calm and safe way, but also allows you to
challenge yourself and any preconceptions you might bring into be room.

- A & F

coaching clients

I had the most incredible coaching experience with Alice. After our sessions,
I reconnected with myself, my body, my confidence and my sex drive. 
Would absolutely recommend.

- G,

coaching client

Workshop Testimonials

"This workshop was

a truly unique and incredibly valuable to be part of. 

Alice has created an incredible space for people to come together and share, learn, laugh and probably cry too (but in a good way). 

I felt like I had just had an intimate conversion with old friends as apposed to a zoom event with strangers."

- Claire, workshop attendee

After the session, I had a rush of emotions and felt like a weight had been lifted from me.
I was not expecting the
comfort and belonging I felt, just from hearing other people vocalise the same thoughts and experiences as me.
It's so important to have a safe space to be able to speak freely and ask questions with no judgement and
Alice provided this for me."

- Alex, Workshop attendee

I left the workshop
feeling absolutely pumped!
It was the perfect atmosphere to discuss intimate things in what felt like such a comfortable and safe space. 
 The conversation was so enlightening - it reinforced that we are so similar in some ways and so very diverse in others.
It was loads of fun and I felt empowered. Will definitely join again.

- Kate,

workshop attendee

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Corporate Testimonials

Normal and Vulva Dialogues partnered to host a Vulva-on-Vulva sex workshop for Normal's online sex-education content and to increase our community engagement.
Alice was the perfect partner to organise and facilitate a high-quality and informed sex-positive event, and uncover customer insights, data and quotes in the field of sexual health.
I was impressed with Alice's
supurb knowledge of the industry, established network of experts, warm, judgement-free facilitation style, and professional approach.
 She is skilled at creating a safe-space for difficult or intimate conversations, and takes
a considered, strategic approach when planning events, ensuring they are both enriching for those who take part, and also commercially valuable for the corporate sponsor or partner.  

Lucy Walk, Founder of NORMAL

Alice provided an organized, hands-on execution of a series virtual events: from intimate workshops with 30 people to an open panel discussion where we had hundreds of sign-ups. With her industry knowledge and experience in hosting many different types of virtual events, Alice executed an elevated and sex-positive environment for us to share with our community.
Alice helped us to make sure that the takeaways of our event would be valuable to our business as well, and we saw an impact with increased reach and brand awareness.  From project management to promotion, Alice was with us every step of the way during the production of our event. This was our first time hosting a virtual panel, and we felt very supported from beginning to end. 
She leveraged her own extensive network in the sexual wellness space to make sure that our group of panelists complimented one another's skill sets. 

- Emily Thomas,  Marketing at Lover

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